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Ways to make revenue from your blog

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As a Web Development Agency, we often receive the most common question people asking about making money from a website or online and the answer to the question may sound simple. However after more time spent good research, you will be happy to learn that yes it is possible to make a living from the web through blogging.

The first basic step to begin blogging is simply by registering a blog. To register a blog, you can check out hosting companies such as Afrihost, Web Africa, MWeb and so on to order your new domain. The domain name you are going to choose must reflect the content your website, in other words, it must include a keyword which people are going to search with. For example, if you are going to be writing about fashion, then your blog name may be kimfashion.co.za or fashionafrica.co.za.

Once the domain and hosting is up and running, you are going to require some sort of content management framework that will help you manage your content, categorise and organise it according to your specifications. Popular frameworks include WordPress, Drupal, Joomla which are simple to install directly from your hosting package. Otherwise if you have web development experience, you might want to go with any framework of your choice such as Laravel, October CMS, Craft CMS and so on, the choice is yours.

Ways to make money from your blog

It is important to learn that there are many ways to make money on the internet, blogging is just one example among the rest. Below are the most common and popular ways one can start generating revenue by writing useful content.

Content Marketing – the option allows bloggers to display featured or paid posts on their website. These posts will display based on relevance, companies like Content.ad offer content marketing whereby companies advertise articles with them, you as their partner display the posts on your blog and get paid when some else click on the post to read. These type pays over R5 000 per month depending on the traffic and content in your blog.

Affiliate Marketing – in this type, companies design their ads based on your ad spaces on your website. This is a popular way of making more money from your blog, brands will advertise on your website and pay you based on leads and sales. For example, if Absa advertise their savings account on your website and one of your readers genuinely click through the ad and actually applies for the account. Their system will automatically tell it was your referral and pay you accordingly. This can pay up to R15 000 per month if your website contains rich and very useful content.

Sell Products – If you happen have products you want to sell, this is actually an opportunity for you to make more cash online, internet and it’s giants such as Google made this possible. For example if you product is single songs, then your blog will obviously be about music and everything else related. You can also sell a book on your blog, write more useful content about books, how to write a good book and more and then put your book as an Ad for people to buy.

Please also note that this may sound easier than done. The most important factor about blogging which most beginners tend to misunderstand is that you need enough useful content and website traffic in order to begin earning revenue with the blog itself. Remember this doesn’t happen overnight, one needs to carefully plan their blog and put in quite a lot of effort to make it successful

If you do it right, it will take care of you for the rest of your life.

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