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Top in-demand jobs in South Africa

in-demand jobs
in-demand jobs

There’s no doubt that South Africa has the highest unemployment rate as of late, however there’s also in-demand skills and jobs which people gun for in order to enjoy good lifestyle. Top online recruiting systems such as Career Junction, Biz Community, Indeed and many more release a list of in demand skills based on data collected from their partnered recruiting agencies and corporate.

As you may have noticed how fast technology is moving in Africa and the world, any career that evolves around technology keeps on growing while other skills and jobs keep dropping each time. The financial sector also keeps topping the list of trending jobs in South Africa, which is no surprise, every company is run around finances.

Top in-demand jobs to seek in 2017

IT Project/Account Manager – Nowadays digital agencies recruit more account managers than any other positions in the company. This makes sense if a company grows rapidly, in order to keep clients happy and want to use the services, account are responsible for that role. Salary of a project/account managers range between R39 000 to R45 000 depending on experience and skill level.

Financial/Business analysis – Remains top of the list on salary ranging between R45 000 pa up to R52 000 pa depending on the area and experience. Professionals in Western Cape may earn more or less than those in Gauteng Province.

Software Development – Is one of the most popular and in-demand skill in the world, banks and any other institutions depends on the profession in order to run a successful business. Many companies have shifted their focus on software systems, can be online or desktop. The top skills in the fields include Java, C#, .Net, PHP and so on.

The list goes and will be featured in the future articles. The above mentioned professions aims at guiding you choose the right and high in-demand jobs to avoid being listed in 9 million unemployed individual stats in South Africa.

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