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Tips for starting a successful catering business

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Food have made some of the most wealthiest restaurant owners in the world, we have witnessed brands such as McDonalds and KFC open local branches across the globe. The point being ‘food’ does matter whether we think of it as business or just personal. That’s where the idea of catering comes into place, for every event planing, catering is one of the most important aspects of the entire process

Catering is not planned right, can break or make your business meeting, conference, presentations, wedding and any other event. So if you’re currently thinking of opening a catering company, please make sure you’ve got a few things cleared up such as personally passionate and in love with food and catering itself. It’s the best thing you can do for your businesses at the beginning stages.

Please note that a Catering business have high potential in terms of revenue than that of a normal restaurants. Remember restaurants are dependent on customers who purchase food at the store, you have to reach a certain target in order to make good revenue. However with catering, the cost is very low, there’s no need to pay employees regular income, they’re only needed when there’s an event to attend right?

Things to do before opening a catering business

1. Experience – the first thing you can do before engaging in the catering business is to equip yourself with catering working experience. Find a job at any existing catering company and gain as much experience you may need. This will be helpful when it’s time to run and manage your own catering business.

2. Get licensed – Once you feel ready to embark on the journey to start your own catering company, register your CK and handle all the other legal related issues that comes with running a business. Those matters may include getting a tax clearance certificate and banking account. As soon as your company is fully registered, it’s time you look for a licensed catering kitchen to rent out to avoid running your business from your home.

3. Buy or rent equipment – If you are fortunate enough that when starting a business, you already have some sort of capital to purchase all catering equipment, then you stand a chance to make revenue in a very short period of time. Otherwise you need to rent equipment and make sure you invoice your clients for all the equipment that’ll be needed.

4. Pricing table – When all is ready, it’s time you get down to the business side of your catering venture. In order to survive in any business, your income must always be higher than your expenses, you have to make profit one way or the other. The best way to make money out of the business is to tailor your prices in an hourly format, that way you will make sure you get paid fairly and equal to the effort and time you put in.

5. Insurance – have some sort of insurance for your equipment and the business itself. The insurance must cover your client, and guests or anyone else who were affected by the service in a negative way.

6. Marketing – The moment you make enough money that you manage your business monthly cash flow, it’s time to get in to promoting your business to reach even more clients. Register your account on Social Media to gain followers, invest more money into your marketing and promotions on Social Media. Offer guidance and advise on your social media pages, don’t talk so much about your business, rather share your portfolio with the followers.

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