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TA Consulting Loans

TA Consulting Loans – Applying for personal loans while having a bad credit or blacklisted can be more stressful however with financial institutions such as TA Consulting, they’re dedicated to helping anyone, regardless of their credit profile. The institution will give you access to credit when life throws big challenges to you financially.

Why choose TA Consulting Loans?

If you’re interested in getting personal loans at TA Consulting, you will be happy to learn that the company will borrow you loan amount up to R150 000 which you can pay back within flexible repayment terms of up to 60 months. Blacklisted loans are offered at a market related interest rate ensuring they’re affordable and convenient to people with bad credit. Remember TA Consulting believes in responsible lending, meaning each application is subject to affordability assessment and with the results from the assessment, the company will then give you an offer that is comprehensive for your current financial state. You just need to make sure you provide accurate and correct information to avoid getting over indebted.

Applying for TA Consulting Loans is very simple, all applications are done online. Simply visit their website to complete the application form on the home page to begin your application. Once your application is submitted online, you will get instant decision and if all goes well, you will also get a same day approval. A financial consultant will be assigned to you to help complete the application. They will also give you proper guidance and tips during the process.

TA Consulting gives you the freedom to use the money however you feel fit. Remember once your application is approved, funds will be deposited directly into your banking account. You can spend the cash to pay for your education fees, handle legal and medical bills, renovate your home, consolidate debts and so on.

What’s required when applying for TA Consulting Loans?

To qualify for blacklisted personal loans, you must certain criteria to ensure responsible lending. Lending individuals loan amount they can afford to pay back is very important to TA Consulting as it also ensures they fully comply with the National Credit Act of 2005. For your application to get processed, you need the following documentations:

  • Are older than 18 with a regular income
  • Are permanently employed and have proof of income
  • Have a valid South African ID and bank account in your name
  • Can’t be under Debt Counselling or Administration

TA Consulting Contact Details

Interested in applying for personal loans, kindly get in touch with TA Consulting on 076 449 5444 for more detailed information on how to apply. Loans from TA Consulting comes with many various benefit you can enjoy while growing your credit profile to greater good. Otherwise you can always visit their website at www.taconsulting.co.za to read more.

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