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Shoprite EduCard
Shoprite EduCard

Shoprite EduCard is not a credit card, rather a benefit card that allows students save more on their stationery when they purchase at any of the Shoprite stores. Whether you need stationery, basic groceries, snacks and drinks for functions, or kitchen equipment and cleaning products – you can get all your schooling supplies under one roof at our stores nationwide.

Tell me more about the Shoprite EduCard

As you may have already know, Shoprite is one of the leading retail stores in South Africa and Africa as a whole, they believe in their philosophy of offering goods at the lowest price. With the EduCard,  you can get up to 2.5% automatic discount on all educational-goods purchases under just 30 days to pay. You see, this works like a credit card but necessary for education expenses only. You will not be charged any admin fees, service fees nor interests.

Shoprite understand their customers very well, hence they provide low prices at all times. They know it’s the little things that add up and that everyday consumables can become quite costly over time. However with their 2.5% discount on all the expenses, you can save more on the following:

  1. Back-2-School stationery
  2. Staff coffee, tea and milk
  3. Tuck shop stock
  4. Party platters
  5. Toilet paper and toiletries
  6. Cleaning products
  7. School functions
  8. Sports days

To apply for the EduCard is simple and quick, kindly download the application form on the Shoprite website, complete the form and email it to educard@shoprite.co.za. You can also fax your completed application form to 021 980 4741/43.

Shoprite Money Market Contact Details

To find out more information about the EduCard, kindly visit any of the Shoprite local stores near to speak to a cashier or consultant. You can also call their customer care line on 0800 01 07 09 to speak to a consultant for further assistance. Alternatively read more on the Shoprite website at www.shoprite.co.za.

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