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Send Money to Mozambique with FNB

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Send Money

There are many institutions in South Africa that help Mozambique migrants send money back ho the loved ones however only the few can be trusted. If you want to send money to family and friends in Mozambique, you can use the FNB facility that is instant, convenient and affordable.

As a leading innovative bank in the country, FNB understands the need for Mozambican to transfer money while they’re located in South Africa. The facility allows customers who has Mozambican ID to send instant cash back home. There is not doubt that queues in banks have decreased greatly in the recent years due to fact that people of today prefer online banking at the comfort of their homes.

You can send money form R100 right up to R3 000 per send per day. There recipient doesn not need to have a card or an acount with FNB, just the reference number will be enough to make a withdrawal. They will receive the voucher details via SMS almost immediately after send transaction.

There various benefit that are packaged with this facility, one of which is the ability to send money to Mozambique with FNB’s online banking, cellphone banking and banking app available on Apple store, Google play, Windows phone and Blackberry world.

Collect cash in mozambique

For recipient to collect cash in Mozambique, at any of the nearest FNB branches, they need to provide the following:

  • Mozambique ID
  • Voucher reference number
  • Transfer amount
  • Transfer code

Find out a full list of FNB branches in Mozambique on the FNB website.

It is also important to note that if the receiver in Mozambique does not collect cash within 14 working days, funds will be reversed back to the sender’s banking account in South Africa.

FNB Contact Details

For more detailed information with regards to how one can send money to Mozambique with FNB, please visit their website on www.fnb.co.za to read more.

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