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SA Home Loans
SA Home Loans

Looking to purchase a home in South Africa but still undecided on which finance institution to go with? SA Home Loans has financed over 100 000 homes since it’s establishment in February 1999. The institution has become on of the top five mortgage finance provider in the country.

Why choose SA Home Loans?

SA Home Loans offer a wide range of benefits regarding financing a home, they will assist you with everything, from the bottom right up to full registration of your property. Their friendly consultants will wlak with you throughout the process, providing you with expert advise, get your loan application approved and ongoing support servicing.

SA Home Loans is not a bank but simply a mortgage finance provider. They have spent most time researching and trying to understand the needs of citizens with regard to financing homes in the South Africa. Since being in operation in 1999, they have grown so much to becoming a trusted home loan provider and dedicated to helping individuals wherever they could. Their mission is provide home buyers a unique and innovative approach to home finance, there by closing the affordability gap that existed in the market for years.

Before applying for finance with SA Home Loans, please ensure you have got everything ready to begin the process. Work thoroughly with your agent, if you have one, otherwise please checkout available properties at Property 24 or Private Properties website. Begin searching for the property, in the area you prefer. Once you have chosen a property, it’ll be the right time to start talking to Home Loans.

The institution offers home loans within flexible repayment terms of your choice. As loan seekers, you need to make sure the debt doesn’t over-whelm and impact your monthly cash-flow negatively. You can pay back the loan up to 30 years at a fixed or variable interest rates.

Use the online loan calculator to determine the actual fees around financing your home. It is very helpful because it will show you exactly how much you are going to pay for how long. When you have figured out the amount of loan to apply for, simply click on the ‘Apply Online’ button and proceed with the application.

SA Home Loans Contact Information

To find out more information about SA Home Loans, kindly call their customer centre on 0860 246 810 to speak to one of their friendly consultants. You can also visit their website at www.sahomeloans.com to read more about their success.

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