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Rainfin Loans
Rainfin Loans

Rainfin Loans are personalised financial solutions provided to borrowers at their specification. Rainfin is not a credit provider but an online lending platform co-owned by Barclays Africa which connects borrowers with reputable lenders.

Let’s have a look at a scenario where you find yourself overwhelmed by debts and end up blacklisted yet still looking for a loan. You know very well that banks won’t even give you a chance to explain your situations however institutions such as Rainfin works with thousands of reputable credit providers in order to find you the best solution that meets your urgent needs and expectations.

Tell me more about Rainfin Loans

Raifin loans offer a wide range of benefits, applying for personal loans is quick and safe. Because they work with a lot of trusted lenders and credit providers all over South Africa, the institution allows borrowers to customise their terms according to their affordability and budget. Rainfin is like OLX for people looking to get personal loans, they enable direct connections between credit providers and borrowers.

Other benefits of finding personal loans with Rainfin is that they guarantee you personal privacy at all costs. Your information will not be shared with anyone else without your consent. Once your application ihas been submitted, an offer will be sent to you online and if you’re happy about the amounts, Rainfin will then send you a contract to sign online, no need to visit them at their office.

These loans are designed for anyone in South Africa, regardless of their credit status. Even if you are blacklisted, you’re still welcome to apply, Rainfin will find you a credit provider out there ready to assist people who are blacklisted.

This may be the smartest way of borrowing money online.

Rainfin Loans Application Requirements

Remember Rainfin will help you get a personalised loan based on your affordability by going through a list of lenders they’ve partnered with. Each credit provider or lender have it’s own terms and conditions as such the loan requirements may differ depending on the provider.

However each individual credit provider must comply with the National Credit Act of 2015 of South Africa which requires each application to be accompanied by the following criteria.

  • 18 years old or more
  • Have a valid South African ID book
  • Permanently employed or earning a regular income
  • Have an bank account in your name

Get in touch with Rainfin

Speak to one of their friendly financial consultants on 087 820 5200 to find out more information about the application process and more. You can also read more details about Rainfin by visiting their website at www.rainfin.com. You can also make online application and use other communication tools on the website.

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