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Mukuru Money Transfer

Mukuru Money Transfer
Mukuru Money Transfer

Looking for better and cheaper ways of sending funds to family back home in Zimbabwe or other African countries? Mukuru Money Transfer is a facility for people from African countries working in South Africa that allows them to move money at cheaper service fee.

Tell me more about Mukuru Money Transfer

Mukuru Money Transfer allows people to send cash up to R3 000 per day and up to R10 000 a month. Before you can send money, a registration will be required accompanied by necessary documentation. The service will handle all your currency calculations and convertion for you, no need to worry about that.

There ae couple of options to sending money with Mukuru, you can top up your account and send money online, either using the mobi and desktop site. The transaction is completely secured with modern web security technologies. You can also use their mobile app available at www.app.mukuru.com. To find out more information on how to use the app, kindly give them a call. Alternatively you may use the online contact forms to leave your details and a consultant will get in touch with you for further assistance.

How to get started with Mukuru Money Transfer

To get started with the facility, you need to provide proof of Identity in the form of South African ID, Passport, Asylum papers. Your application will go through a process of ensuring you will be able to afford to use the service. You also need to provide proof of residential address in the form of utility bill, banking statement or landlord’s letter. Once you have all those documentation, please signup on their website.

After successful registration, you can begin making payments to your Mukuru account. Deposit instructions will be sent to your cellphone so you can choose to make payments at any of the selected stores, Lewis, Boxer. Shoprite, Kazang, Checkers, Shoprite USave, Spar Payzone, and so on. Check out a full list of retailers on the Mukuru website.

Mukuru Contact Details

To apply and use the Mukuru trasnfer facility, please call them directly on 086 001 8555 to speak to a consultant for more detailed information. You can also use their free USSD service on *130*567# for more information. Alternatively visit their website at www.mukuru.com to read more and sign up.

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