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It goes without a doubt that the cost of living in South Africa has grown so high that average working class citizens struggle to make it through a month with their salaries. Letsatsi Finance Loan Services are products designed specifically to meet each financial challenge, whether you want instant cash or long term loans, the institution got you covered.

Tell me more about Letsatsi Finance Loan Services

Letsatsi Finance offer a wide range of products with the aim to help improve South African citizens lifestyle. There are many benefits packaged with the products made available after the company through their experience managed to understand financial products people face in the country. The following are each loan product together with their own features and benefits.

Short term loans – This product gives you loan amount from R500 up to R8 000 at a competitive interest rate within flexible repayment terms between two (2) and six (6) months. You can basically get approved in just one hour, no joke. It was designed to help individual better manage unforeseen financial situations.

Long term loans – These loans are very good for big events and best suited for people not worries about getting into a long term loan agreement. Qualified applicants can apply for loans from R1 000 up to R100 000 which they can simply pay back within 36 months.

Debt Consolidation – Ever wished to cancel all your monthly debit orders and just pay for one. This product gives that ability by helping manage your credit profile with access to funds that can repay all your expenses at a low interest. Loans are available up to R100 000 within 1 to 36 months repayment terms.

Same Month Plan – If you were looking for quick cash, small to medium amounts of money for your small emergencies, then this product is for you. The loan give you access to credit up to R8 000 same day within one (1) month repayment term.

You can use the funds for anything you wish for. You can plan for that big wedding you dreamed about time back, extend your home, pay for your study fees. The choice is completely yours!

What’s required when applying for Letsatsi Finance Loan?

To qualify for Letsatsi personal loans, you must provide proof of the following in order for your application to get processed.

  • Original ID book
  • 2 months payslips
  • 3 months bank statements

Letsatsi Finance Contact Details

To apply or find out more information about their loan services, kindly contact them on telephone 011 802 4073 or via email at info@letsatsifinance.co.za to chat to a financial consultant. Alternatively you can visit their website at www.letsatsifinance.co.za to read more and make use of online tools for your application.

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