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FNB Revolving Loans

Finbond Personal Loans
Finbond Personal Loans

Do you need an extra loan on top of the loan you took? if so, FNB revolving loans is for you. FNB (First National Bank) is one of South Africa’s biggest banks. It is registered with the National Credit Regulators to render financial services to its clients.

Why choose FNB Revolving Loans

FNB Revolving loans offers access to apply for new loan once loan holder have re-paid 15% of existing loan. Upon approval, you can transfer funds of your revolving loan into your personal account using FNB App, cellphone banking, internet banking or ATM. FNB Revolving loans offers Debt Protection Plan for you and your family in case of death and disability whereby they will assist in paying monthly instalments to ease financial burden so your family can have a peace of mind knowing they have a financial freedom.

What is required when applying?

Applying for FNB Revolving loans is easy. FNB has an online application system for clients who like doing things at the comfort of their spaces. To ensure better chances of your loan being approved, you must meet their requirements criterion. You need to be 18 years old and be a South African citizen. You need to have the following documents with you to start the process: a clear green-coded ID book, proof of residence, payslip or bank statement not older than 3 months. Provide spousal consent if married in community of property.

FNB contact details

for more information on how to apply for FNB Revolving loans you can simply call Revolving Loan queries on 0860 327 82 or visit  their website on www.fnb.co.za or you can visit any FNB branch across the country and talk to one of their financial consultant.

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