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Direct Cash Loans – Instant Online Personal Loans

Direct Cash Loans
Direct Cash Loans

Find yourself in a hurry, needing a quick personal loan for your unexpected financial emergencies? Direct Cash Loans offer a wide range types of loans, quick and personal loans, designed to meet each individual needs and financial expectations.

Tell me more about Direct Cash Loans

Direct Cash Loans is your number one reliable source to apply for personal loans online. The institution works with reputable credit providers in order to find you financial products that best suit your requirements. Think about all the admin you have to go through when applying for a loan these days, with Direct Cash Loans, their consultants will act on your behalf to make all the necessary calls aiming at finding you the best solution.

Direct Cash Loans offer loan seekers a couple of options to help them manage their cash flow. These loans are tailored to meet individual needs. The institution offer a quick and easy way of applying for personal loans in the country. To help simply the process, the company allows people to apply online to avoid unnecessary interviews and paper-works, simply submit your documents and the institution will find your loan for you.

Quick loans – You can apply for a small loan amount of up to R2 500 at a competitive interest rate. These loans are designed to meet very short term individual needs such as settling old debt, purchasing groceries and so on.

Personal loans – Offer convenient and affordable loan amounts over R2 500 within flexible repayment terms, depending on the following partner banks conditions:  ABSA, Standard Bank, First National Bank or just FNB and Nedbank.

Don’t let life’s financial challenges drag you down, simply apply for personal loans to get back into a steady financial position. Applying for these loans is simple, as mentioned above, everything else will be done online to fasten the process.

Direct Cash Loans Application Requirements

To apply and qualify for Direct Cash Loans, the institution must comply with the National Credit Act of 2005 which requires every application be accompanied by supporting documentation.

Even though each credit provider that has partnered with Direct Cash Loans might have their own terms and conditions, the basic process of each application requires certain starting documents and qualification criteria as the following.

  • Must be older than 18 with a regular income
  • Must be permanently employed and have proof of income
  • Have a valid South African ID and bank account in your name
  • Can’t be under Debt Counselling or Administration

Direct Cash Loans Contact Details

For more information about Direct Cash Loans, kindly get in touch with the institution on telephone by calling (021) 439-7556 and speak to one of their consultants. The company is based in Cape Town, so if you can’t reach them on site, please visit their website at www.directcashloans.co.za to read more and apply online.

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