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Why choose Clientele Legal Business Plan?

Clientele Legal Business Plan
Clientele Legal Business Plan

Clientele offers a wide range of products and services such as personal insurance, household insurance, business insurances, and more. Clientele Legal Business Plan is designed to equip a growing and successful businesses with necessary legal protections.

The Clientele legal consultants will provide your business with the best legal advise and guidance and representative on legal matters. There’s no doubt that each company must have a legal team to handle the most significant sections of your businesses such as the following:

Labour related matters – If your company is going to have employees, which of course it should, it will have to comply with the country’s labour law. Not everyone else understands the process in this regard however Clientele Legal plan will help you with preparing necessary documents in order to begin recruitment.

Civil matters – Clientele will help you manage your employee’s personal civil matters such as child support, property damage, personal injury. The institution will give your guidance and advice relating to the Consumer Protection Act, Companies Act, National Credit Act and more…

Commercial contracts – As a business owner, you obviously are required to focus on the growth of your business, hire the right people, you don’t want to stress yourself over construction of employment contracts and more. On the other hand, Clientele is dedicated to helping business with formulation of contracts and agreements among employees and stake-holders.

The plan comes in different pricing packages from as little as R485 up to R10 000 per month. The package price is dependent on the number of employees and annual turnover as well as risk management.

Clientele Business Contact Details

To find out more information on how to apply for the legal plan, please visit their website at www.clientelebusinesslegal.co.za and complete the call me back form on the right of your screen. Once submitted, a consultant will call you back very shortly to discuss more benefits and more with you.

Debt collection – Clientele will assist in debt collections such as formulating and submitting letters of demand. They will guide you through out the procedures on debt collections.

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