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Checking credit score made easy by TransUnion

credit score
credit score

TransUnion is offering the simplest way of checking your credit score with their new launched service. The service can be accessed with just any registered and working phone. Don’t act surprised next time when you are applying for finance and they inform you that you have been blacklisted, you can use the service anytime free of charge.

TransUnion is a registered credit bureau in South Africa under the National Credit Regulator. The institution aims at helping people with access to useful information services that can improve their financial lives. They will provide you with all the necessary information that can help you as a customer, make the best choices and decisions.

Tell me more about the credit score check by TransUnion

TransUnion launched the new USSD service that aims at assisting individuals across the country check their credit score anytime using their cellphones. To access the service, please dial *120*8801# and follow the easy to understand instructions. This information will help you register for the new product you wanted to purchase, at least you will know first hand that you qualify if you need financial assistance.

The idea behind this handful facility is not only to help customers obtain their credit reports or profile information but to also help them manage their credit well to avoid being blacklisted and having bad credit. Once registered with the service, you will have access to more products such as theĀ  TransUnion Consumer Credit Score which can help you manage your cash flow and credit.

For more information on how the credit score check works, kindly contact TransUnion directly on 0861 482 482 / 0861 128 364 to speak to a friendly consultant. You can also send them an inquiry on email at webadmin@transunion.co.za and a consultant will get in touch with you very shortly. Alternatively visit their website at www.mytransunion.co.za to read more about their other products and use other free online credit tools.

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