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Capitec Financial Tools – Save More for Less

Capfin loans
Capfin loans

Capitec Financial Tools offer best ways for individuals and businesses to manage their monthly finances and help them save. These tools are mainly designed to handle particular financial challenges such as calculating interest rates for your next personal or home loan application, bank cost and so on. They will equip you with useful information and tips for managing your credit profile in the correct manner.

Tell me more about the Capitec Financial Tools

Capitec bank is one of the top banks in South Africa and the fastest growing in terms of customers since it’s establishment. They offer great value with their financial products which has millions of their customers satisfied at all times.

These financial tools help individuals manage credit profiles by allowing them to calculate and determine all the cost in relation to their next move. In the case of applying for a personal loan, the savings calculator might help you with the right figures so that you can sort out your budget correctly.

The following are all the financial tools provided by Capitec Bank:

1. Savings calculator – the tool help people determine and know how long it will take them to save something, let’s just say every month. Maybe you want to save to buy your next vehicle or house, these tool will guide and give you exact figures in terms of time and interest rates you might gain when you save with one of Capitec Bank’s investment solutions.

2. Bank costs calculator – have you ever wandered how do you really pay for banking with Capitec bank or any other institution? Well these tool will give you insights as to how much you really are paying for the services from the bank. It might also guide you with saving options by choosing the right products with an affordable financial institution. You will also learn more about the rates and fees by Capitec Bank.

3. Credit calculator – it can be very hard choosing the right credit for your needs and expectations however with the offer up to R250 000 by Capitec Bank, the tool will help you understand all the fees associated with the credit application. That way you already know how much you will be paying monthly and what is your principle debt. Capitec offer access to credit within flexible repayment terms and affordable interest rates.

4. Budgeting tool – are you that person that still don’t know how to budget, maybe you were just missing this important tool in your financial life. Budgeting the right way could be your path to success and great things. Capitec propose you go with the 50-30-20 ratio which gives you a good idea of how you should approach splitting your budget based on your household income and whether you have any children.

Please note, to use these tools, you must be at least 18 years old with a valid South African ID.

Capitec Bank Contact Details

Find out more detailed information about these financial tools by calling the Capitec Bank customer centre line on 0860 10 20 43 to speak to a trained and friendly financial consultant. You can also read more information on their website at www.capitecbank.co.za.

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