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Best ways to make passive income

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It goes without saying that an average working class in South Africa go through rough times toward the end of each month, reason being because one monthly salary is never enough. Successful people any where in the world have figured many other ways of creating passive or extra income to add more funds to their existing salary. Extra income are very important in a sense that you can quickly improve your lifestyle without worrying about the little the pay you at work.

To start with, in order to make money from anything, you need to exchange something for that cash. In the next section, lets have a look at how you can make extra income with less-costing ideas.

Make Money With A Blog – blogging is one of the most popular ways of making money online. In this way, you need to come up with an interesting topic which your blog will be based. Some of the popular ideas that bloggers use are writing about finances, and careers. These ideas are most used mainly because people are always looking for finance, whether to handle unforeseen expenses and as statistics shows, there more unemployed people in the country than employed individuals.

Invest In Real Estate – Real Estate is a way of buying or developing properties and renting them out. There more properties you have, the higher extra income you are going to make each month. None the less, even just one property can give you great income to improve your lifestyle. Investing in real estate has made people like Robert Kyosaki one of the richest man in the world, simply because he understood the industry at the young age. Real estate can generate you extra cash of a minimum of R9500 per month depending on your property.

Write a book – You can take advantage of the fast growing community on the internet available to help market your book. You can do this in your part time, write about your favorite topic and sell on websites like amazon or your own website.

Sell your own Product – If you have a home made product you want to take out there, now may be a chance and your time to make money. There are various products you may come up with such as a demo or just a single song, you can sell that over at itunes or google play store, or maybe you developed a software, you can setup a dedicated website for all products and enjoy the profit yourself. You can also sell your unwanted goods at websites like OLX or Gumtree, can be anything from your cellphone, clothes right up to a vehicle.

Put your Photography for sale – You might have a collection of awesome and memoriable pictures you’ve taken just out of interest of your own. It’s time you make money with those images, average small size picture can be sold at a minimum of R350 depending on a license. People make huge amount of money over stock images, they’re very nice looking and good quality.

Make Youtube Videos – You can create any type of video – music, commercials, small comedy clips – and upload them in your youtube channel. Your channel has to be having quite enough subscribers as well as traffic. Having those two factors covered, you are bound to make more cash by monitizing your videos.

Please note that you are not limited to only the above listed ideas, if you do your research that good, you will realize how many ideas are there to help you manage your cashflow and grow your monthly income rapidly.

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