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Absa Cash Send – Mobile Money Transfer

Absa Cash Send

Absa Cash Send is the quickest and safest way of sending money to loved ones whom don’t have banking accounts with Absa. The mobile money transfer allows individuals with savings or cheque account at Absa to transfer cash to anyone’s cellphone number anywhere in the country.

Absa bank is subsidiary of Barclays Bank and one of the top leading banks in South Africa. The bank is also listed on the Johannesburg Stocks Exchange with their headquarters also situated in Johannesburg.

Tell me more about Absa Cash Send

Absa Cash Send is a money transfer service that enables individuals send money to family and friends without them having to open a banking account. The service is globally known as mobile money transfer as it uses registered cellphone numbers to identify transactions. Funds are available immediately, recipient can with draw cash from almost any of the Absa ATMs.

The service is way cheaper than those of the competitors, you only pay service fee for sending the money and the receiver will be able to collect funds free of charge. Absa Cash Send is by far the most effective and convenient and safest way of sending money without the hassle of opening a banking account.

The are various benefits that comes with the facility including the security identification number and pin sent to recipients which protect your funds to get mixed among the rest. With the voucher pin as reference, you withdraw money anytime.

There couple of ways you can use the facility if you already have a savings or cheque account at Absa. You can send money by logging into your online banking on the Absa website and make the transfer. If you are already registered for mobile banking, simply login and select cashsend payment to make the transfer. Find out more detailed information on how to use the service by getting in touch with Absa customer service.

Absa Contact Details

To find out more information about the Absa Cash Send service, let one of their trained and friendly consultant assist by calling them directly on 0860 111 123. Otherwise you can always visit any of the Absa local branches near you for face to face consultant. Alternatively please visit the Absa website at www.absa.co.za to read more information about the service and it’s benefits.