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Bad Credit Loans in South Africa

Bad Credit Loans
Bad credit loans are personal loans for people who have low credit rating. Loans are popular known as blacklisted loans. How do you become blacklisted? I'll...

Personal Loan

Personal Loan
Many South Africans prefer a personal loan over any other credit solution out there. Why? Because these loans are easy to apply for and offer affordable...

FNB eWallet Limit

FNB eWallet
FNB eWallet is the fastest and most secured way of transferring money to family and friends. If you wanted your family to receive cash instantly,...

Top 5 Affordable SUV Vehicles in South Africa

SUV Vehicles
With the harsh economic environment and uncertainty in the performance of the Rand, it has become almost impossible to purchase SUV vehicles in 2017....


Instaloan offer credit in a form of personal loans up to R5 000 to people looking for extra cash in their monthly cash-flow. If you...

South Africa’s top 5 biggest banks in 2017

5 biggest banks
Have you ever wandered, among popular banks in South Africa, who actually is a leading bank in terms of annual turn over and customer...

Where to spend your eBucks?

spend eBucks
Have you earned enough rewards from FNB in the form of eBucks and still wandering around on how and where you would spend your...

Basic steps to Successful Financial Planning

Financial Planning
What exactly does financial planning mean, on a personal level? Many folks when thinking about financial planning and management, often think of the need...

Difference between Online and Mobile banking

Online and Mobile banking
With the pace which technology is evolving world wide, it has suddenly become very difficult to distinguish between online and mobile banking. If you...

King Cash Loans

King Cash Loans
King Cash Loans - King Cash is a trusted financial services and credit provider registered under the National Credit Regulator in South Africa. The...

Pension Loan – Ncedani Investments

Pension Loan
Pension Loan is a trading name for Ncedani Investments, a unique solution offering secured personal loans, short term and long term loans. Ncedani Investments is...

Uncedo Cash Loans

Uncedo Cash Loans
Uncedo Cash Loans is a reliable credit provider in South Africa that offers tailored personal loans to individuals seeking financial assistance for their unforeseen...


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